We  host multiple Get What You Get (GWYG) days throughout the year.  We started doing $80 GWYG gum ball machine tattoos in 2009 and in 2015 decided to add a Get What You Want Option. We made booklets of designs ranging from $100 - $300 based on cool traditional flash designs that we would love to tattoo. We made a book of designs and published it for the 2015 Bay Area Tattoo Convention. If you're interested, there are a few books still available on the Gentleman's Tattoo Flash Website . 


In 2009, we started doing Get What You Get tattoo events at Idle Hand during the Lower Haight Art Walks. A client gave us a gum ball machine and we thought it would be fun to fill it with line drawings. You put in a quarter and whatever comes out is what you get tattooed. The idea was to give cool tattoos that we'd all enjoy doing for a lower cost than a typical day. Everyone puts in new designs and whichever tattooer becomes available does the next tattoo in line. We have since done over 1500 of these tattoos and see several other shops having fun with it now as well.

The credit for the idea must be given to our good friend  Justin Shaw at Faith Tattoo in Santa Rosa, CA. In 2004 Justin started doing them as an alternative to Friday the 13th tattoo specials. "We just had a cigar box and told our good clients about it. Then it just spread like wild fire. We were doing a couple a day for awhile. We still do them when folks ask. Once in a while we will do an event, but we always just kinda did it like the password at a speakeasy. Initially it was all original stuff, like dick monsters and pussy flowers but folks weren't biting at that so much, so then we just drew fun stuff we wanted to do and mixed in old timey flash, cause that's what we wanted to improve on at that time." J.Shaw