The story of our “Get What You Want” day began with a gift donated to our shop in 2009: a gumball machine. Instead of just letting this sit in our shop, we took a cue from Justin Shaw  over at Faith Tattoo in Santa Rosa, who had been giving clients a deal on tattoos by picking interesting pieces of flash from a cigar box, with no knowledge of what tattoo would be chosen. He later said of this, “it just spread like wildfire. We were doing a couple a day for a while. We still do them when folks ask. Once in a while we will do an event, but we always just kinda did it like the password at a speakeasy. Initially it was all original stuff, like dick monsters and pussy flowers but folks weren't biting at that so much, so then we just drew fun stuff we wanted to do and mixed in old timey flash, cause that's what we wanted to improve on at that time.”

On our “Get What You Get Days”, clients placed a quarter in our machine and whichever design rolled through the slot was what they received. After this became popular, we expanded the idea to include a “Get What You Want” option, and began creating sheets of flash that we enjoyed tattooing on our clients. We made so many of these, it was eventually published as a book for the 2015 Bay Area Tattoo Convention!

As of today, we continue to host “Get What You Want” events, so make sure to keep up to date with the shop, so you don’t miss the next one! We also have Book 3 available for purchase in our webstore and in the shop.